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Bio of Tellman Knudson
Tellman Knudson began his life in New Hampshire, though it was a difficult start. He suffered from a rare bone deformity in his leg that kept him from participating in sports at the top level, plus he was diagnosed with ADHD. These two disabilities together provided a very thorny childhood.

Yet, Tellman learned to control and actually make the most of his symptoms. After high school at Mascoma Valley Regional High in West Canaan, New Hampshire, he attended Marlboro College in Vermont, where he majored in Altered States of Awareness, Brain Waves, and Peak Performance. He also began his first business there, making, selling, packaging, and shipping his own salsa.

Tellman found the business to be grueling, and since it wasn’t producing the income he desired, he concentrated on becoming certified in hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming. At one point had eight offices in New Hampshire and helped people with ADHD, weight loss, and other learning disabilities and habits that they wanted to solve. Yet, the practice wasn’t sustaining. So, Tellman went out and got a job driving a bread truck.

Late in 2004, sitting alone with his antiquated computer in a small apartment, he devised a plan that would launch his Internet fame and fortune. He wrote to some of the biggest names on the Internet—Jay Abraham, Dr. Joe Vitale, Robert Allen, T. Harv Eker, Mark Joyner, and others—asking for interviews. His new program was called List Crusade, owing to the fact that he was on a mission to build a list of 1,000,000 subscribers within one year. He did remarkably well, and his career as an Internet marketing expert was launched.

Tellman is now the CEO of Overcome Everything, Inc. and in addition to and, his online businesses include,, the, and the, among others. In 2006, he also began his one-on-one coaching program, the Black Diamond Line, which is closed to only 100 qualified clients.

The year 2006 has also provided a new direction for Tellman and his life and business partner, Jodie Meehan, who became parents for the first time.

Backgrounder on Tellman's company: Overcome Everything inc.
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Written Materials
Press Release from Sept 5th 2006 - ADHD Sufferer Reveals Secrets to Naturally Control And Profit From Symptoms (pdf file, to download right click and select save target as)

Press Release from Sept 20th 2006 - ADHD Secrets Revealed: Symptoms can be controlled naturally and used to your advantage (link to press release submitted through

Press Release from Sept 20th 2006 - Transforming ADHD symptoms into superhuman Hyper-Focus (pdf file, to download right click and select save target as)

Audio Materials
Leaked 2 minute intro from the course

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